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Walking Beam Type CNG Cylinders Hardening Line
Walking Beam Type CNG Cylinders Hardening Line

The line is comprised of three main parts :

1- Hardening furnace
2- Automatic quenching tank
3- Tempering furnace
Capable of charging CNG cylinders in different sizes and weights
Continuous with adjustable motion pace
Gas fired heating system
No direct contact of flame with the surface of treated parts

Hardening Furnace

Gas fired heating system Continuous walking beam type
Maximum temperature: 1100°C
With preheating and soaking zones Low surface oxidation
Automatic cylinder charging and discharging tables

Automatic Quenching Tank

Automatic immersion and extraction of the cylinders Affording various quenching methods
Equipped with the cooling and heating systems Suitable agitation inside the quenching tank

Tempering Furnace

Gas-fired heating system
Continuous movement with conveyor or walking beam systems
Hot air circulation system to reach to the best thermal uniformity
Maximum operating temperature of 750°C
Including preheating and soaking zones with excellent thermal uniformity
No direct flame contact with treated parts

PLC-controlled Automation & Monitoring System :

Capabilities of this system are:
Temperature control and display of actual and set temperatures graphs in each zone
Display of burners status
Display of temperature graphs for each zone (Temperature-Time graph)
Data recording such as temperature, pressure, ...
Display of doors status
Display of system motion performance
Display of motor fans mode (On/Off)
Display of PLC operation option (Manual/Automatic)
Alarming in cases of air pressure drop, gas pressure?drop/rise, temperature rise in each zone, burner turn off and PLC malfunction
Walking Beam Type CNG Cylinders Hardening Line