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Al-Billet Homogenizing Furnace (Batch)
Our design utilizes a non-baffled, high velocity, horizontal air flow directed by an aerodynamically designed roof to ensure equal velocity through the entire charge. A 9” diameter billet charge reaches soak temperature in 3 to 3.5 hours.
Automatic pressure control maintains a positive pressure within the chamber to ensure uniformity and the highest efficiency.
Cooling chambers feature high volume air quench or optional stepped type cooling, providing cooling rates in excess of 700o F/hr in the first hour of cooling.
This equipment is AL-billet mobile homogenizing furnace.
50Ton / charge, direct heating, hot air circulation system.
Use traverser billet movement.
Using the air cylinder door sealing.
The air-fuel ratio control system is also energy saving furnace.
The various a safety device.
Al-Billet Homogenizing Furnace (Batch)
Al-Billet Homogenizing Furnace (Batch)


Heat source : Electricity, Gas, Oil
Higher thermal efficiency
30% cost benefit of using fuel
Perfect automatic system
Uniform temperature distribution
Al-Billet Homogenizing Furnace (Batch)