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GBF (Gas Bubbling Filteration)
This equipment is a device to remove hydrogen gas within fast time in a method of inputting nitrogen gas using rotational blade method for a lot of hydrogen gas contained in the inside of melt by receiving melt flowing out from the 30 ton(CH) holding furnace.

The water in the air, the water in the combustion gas of melting furnace or holding furnace, the water in the refractory material, the water contained in the melted raw material, and the water existing near other melt react with aluminum alloy melt, create hydrogen, and then flow into the melt. Much hydrogen in the melt forms porosity(bubble) in the cast while discharging hydrogen gas during solidification and causes dropping of cast healthiness, dropping of mechanical property, etc. Due to such reasons, the hydrogen gas quantity in the melt is suppressed low by Gas Bubbling Filtration.
GBF (Gas Bubbling Filteration)
An advantage of this G.B.F system is a design to maintain the same temperature as that of melt coming out of the melting furnace by establishing a system of automatically controlling the ambient temperature and melt temperature in GBF utilizing the PLC provided with temperature control module and for user to confirm and regulate the speed of motor rotating the rotor arbitrarily from the touch screen.
Besides, user can directly confirm and regulate the input quantity of nitrogen to remove hydrogen gas in the melt visually at the touch screen, so as to suppress the quantity of hydrogen gas in the melt as low as possible and help enable production of excellent product.