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Al-Aging Furnace
The system of forced recirculation of the air is usually achieved with centrifugal fans high prevalence and high speed, so as to ensure a uniform distribution of the air and the temperature inside the treatment chamber.
The product thus obtained will have mechanical properties: hardness and uniform, regardless of the position of incestatura.
The air flow can be made ??so as to traverse longitudinally, transversely or from the bottom upwards in relation to the charge.
The management of the oven is driven by a modern PLC; treatment cycles can be individually configured realizing curves of heating and temperature maintenance required.
Al-Aging Furnace


Heat source : Electricity, Gas
Heat circulation type : Gas burnace combustion method
Uniform temperature distribution
Program control
Workable temperature : 180 ~ 250°C
Al-Aging Furnace
Al-Aging Furnace